How to Protect the Body from Cancer Risk

How to Protect the Body from Cancer Risk

Any type of cancer remains a frightening specter for most people. But there are several ways you can do to reduce cancer risk.

The scientists claim the estimated one-third of cancer cases that occur can be prevented by healthy diet. Also avoid triggers such as cigarette cancer, exhaust fumes and stress can have a positive impact.

For that the World Cancer Research Fund recommends several ways to protect the body from cancer risk, namely:

Maintain ideal body weight remained

Having an ideal weight or overweight is one of the best ways to reduce the chances of someone getting cancer. In addition to reducing cancer risks, ideal weight also provides protection against diabetes and heart disease.

Avoiding foods high in fat, salt, sugar and calories

Reducing these foods together with all kinds of sugary drinks can reduce the risk of cancer. Limit the consumption of meat, especially meat or processed products can also provide meaningful effect. Instead increase consumption of fiber and various kinds of vegetables, fruits and several kinds of nuts.

Do not take supplements to protect themselves from cancer

Eating different types of supplements are not proven effective in reducing cancer risk, even some supplements have been proven harmful to the body through different ways. The experts expressed a healthy diet was more effective than supplements.

Exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months

A mother should exclusively breastfeed their babies within the first 6 months of life, then just beginning to introduce fluids and other foods. Various evidence suggests exclusive breastfeeding can reduce the risk of cancer in women and children limit the opportunity to be obese.

Doing regular exercise

Doing regular exercise at least 30 minutes each day like walking quickly can reduce the risk of cancer and provide benefits for the heart and also keep the waist size.